Sailing Holidays in Scotland

With the Flying Dutchman you can feel the romance of the sea, a place where you can amaze yourself about the different powers of nature. We offer a holiday where we will teach you all the different aspects of sailing and where we will raise the sails together. Once the sails are up you can enjoy the beauty of silently crossing the ocean or you can ask the captain to steer the ship and ask him questions about Scotland and the ship. If you are not able to participate or you want to relax it is never a problem, it is always your holiday! To conclude, a sailing holiday is social, adventurous and exciting and we think, together with the ship and the ocean, that we can give you a breathtaking experience.

Sailing around the beautiful coast of Scotland will give you a breathtaking experience. The pristine nature with its stylistic green mountains gives you a view that won’t be too easy to forget. With our Tall Ship Flying Dutchman we offer you a luxury and active tour around this exciting country. You can travel without worries about accommodations, transport or activities so you can focus entirely on the different experiences Scotland has to offer. With the ship we are able to visit places that would normally remain hidden, which offers you the great opportunity to experience traditional culture in picturesque towns.

On the ship we cater for a maximum of 26 persons, which gives the ship a cosy and informal atmosphere. Last but not least, our cook will make sure you will enjoy some great meals during the day.