Sailing around the beautiful coast of Scotland will give you a breathtaking experience.

The pristine nature with its stylistic green mountains gives you a view that won’t be too easy to forget. With our Tall Ship Flying Dutchman we offer you a luxury and active tour around this exciting country.
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Tours 2019

Sailing to Islay Whiskey Festival

May 24 to 2 June  £ 1355, – Fully Booked

Islay Whiskey Festival: It’s an unique way to visit the largest whiskey producing island of Scotland with his 9 distilleries.  

Sailing & Mountain biking Scotland

03. to 08. June 2019 (6 days)
NEW:Try out price £ 435, –
The first time mountain biking is combined with a Tall Ship in Scotland. It’s unique activity, transport and accommodation, combined.

Sailing trip Skye / Hebrides

 17 to 26 July 2019 ( 10 Day’s ) £  1.345,-

Sailing trip Skye / Hebrides: If there is still untouched nature somewhere in Europe, it certainly applies to the islands of the Scottish west coast: the inner and outer Hebrides.

West coast and islands of the Inner Hebrides

10 to 17 August 2019  (8 days) £ 885, –
We will take you on a relaxing sailing trip along the Scottish west coast and the inner Hebrides. Breathtaking landscapes, historical castles and abbeys, as well sea life and seabirds are there to discover.

Whiskey trip to the Hebrides

 8 to 15 September 2019   £ 795,-

Whiskey trip Hebrides: We sail to the islands of the Hebrides and visit the most famous whiskey distilleries on Jura and Islay.

Sailing & Folk & Whiskey

16 to 23 September 2019   £ 885,-
Fully Booked

We make a splendid music and whiskey trip. This trip is a combination of sailing, making music and visiting famous whiskey distilleries.

5 Day’s of Whisky and Sailing

September 30 to October 4 ( 5 Day’s)   £ 595,-

A journey to Islay, the ultimate whiskey paradise with its 9 distilleries.  Islay has more to offer, a unique nature and beautiful bays and beaches.

Highlands & Loch Ness

10 to 13 October 2019  £ 315,-

A beautiful trip through the Caledonia Canal, that connects the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most beautiful waterways in the world.

Sailing tour Inverness – Amsterdam

13 to 20 October 2019 £ 545

Adventurous and beautiful trip from Inverness to Amsterdam, a journey of almost 500 nautical miles.  We will learn you everything there is about the ship, sailing and navigation.

Tours 2020

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"Sailing on a sunny day is the nearest thing to heaven anyone will ever get on this earth…. "   - Princess Anne