Sailing around the beautiful coast of Scotland will give you a breathtaking experience.

The pristine nature with its stylistic green mountains gives you a view that won’t be too easy to forget. With our Tall Ship Flying Dutchman we offer you a luxury and active tour around this exciting country.
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Music, Whisky and Sailing


11-17 September, 2016
If you want to enjoy sailing, music and whiskey this is the right tour for you. The journey we offer will take you along the Scottish west-coast with its picturesque villages that always offer good whiskey and great music. 
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Heart of the Highlands Whisky Trip (8 days)


8-15 October, 2016
The Caledonian Canal links the North Sea with the Atlantic Ocean and is known for its amazing 29 locks and Loch Ness lake. As such, it is one of the most beautiful waterways in the world with a spectacular land-sight.  
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Sailing Tour Inverness-Amsterdam


15-22 October, 2016
The last trip is there for the people who love to travel and make some real nautical miles. Through your presents on deck you will view the beautiful coasts of Scotland and England and experience the north-sea.  More information »

"Sailing on a sunny day is the nearest thing to heaven anyone will ever get on this earth…. "   - Princess Anne