Sailing tour Inverness – Amsterdam

13 to 20 October 2019

Sailing tour Inverness – Amsterdam: Adventurous and beautiful trip from Inverness to Amsterdam, a journey of almost 500 nautical miles. During the journey we will sail often at night and we will make you an integral part of the crew. We will learn you everything there is about the ship, sailing and navigation.

The Sailing tour will go along the beautiful Scottish and English coast and you will see amazing high cliffs and pittoresque towns. Then it’s time to cross the North sea and after this adventure it’s possible to visit Amsterdam.

Sailing tour Inverness - Amsterdam
One of towns we will visit: Whitby

Boarding Times:

Embark:  Inverness, October 15 at 18.00 p.m, 2018

Disembark: Amsterdam, October 22 at 10.00 a.m, 2018

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The prices for the cabins are divided because they are different in size. Each cabin has private toilet and shower, linen and towels.

Standard cabin:          €585, –  per person
Standard plus cabin : €695, – per person
Surcharge if you want a cabin by yourself: €350.


  • All charges regarding Port fees, tourists Fees and fuel expenses.
  • Half-pension, including coffee, tea, milk and juice at all meals.
  • The use of a zodiac for landings when we visit places without a harbour.
  • The crew: captain, cook and first mate.

Not included:

  • Travel expenses regarding leaving and heading to the ship.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Fees for events that take place outside the ship.
  • The drinks outside the half-pension.


We have sailed with guests from all over the world which has been an important factor in establishing an open minded atmosphere on board. The crew of the ship is most of the time Dutch but they speak English very well.

If you have questions concerning this travel please call the captain and owner Klaas van Twillert: 06-53231627

Route planning.

The declared program is a guiding principle and can be influenced by winds and ties. We believe that flexibility is an important trade and we hope that you will understand that we sometimes need to deviate from the original plan so please do not worry  because it just means we will visit another beautiful area.

Day 1: Inverness

We welcome you on board of the Flying Dutchman at 18.00 p.m. were you can meet the crew and the other guests. If you arrive earlier, you can leave your luggage and visit Inverness. At 19.00, we will have a nice diner and a nice evening together. It’s also possible to go to one of the traditional pubs, with some live-music.

Sailing tour Inverness - Amsterdam
Live music at Hootananny

Day 2: Scottish east coast

Today we will start our Sailing tour Inverness – Amsterdam early, and sail along the beautiful Scottish coast. The crew will give you sailing instructions and answer all your questions.  It will take us 24 hours to get to Aberdeen.

Sailing tour Inverness - Amsterdam
Scottish east coast

Day 3: Aberdeen

Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland and is nicknamed the “Granite City” because many buildings are made of granite.
The city center is around Union Street and ends in the east at the Mercat Cross. The cross stands at Castlegate, where the castle of the city once was, but now you will only find the market square. From the market square you can walk on the vowels of Shiprow to the southwest along Provost Ross’s House, and go on to the harbor. At the end of the day, we continue our Sailing tour Inverness – Amsterdam and leave Aberdeen.

Sailing tour Inverness - Amsterdam
Flying Dutchman

Day 4: Holy Island

We probably arrive early at Holy island, a very special island on the border with England. The island is connected to the mainland with a causeway which is submerged at high tide. The actual name is Lindisfarne and this is also the name of the monastery on the island. The monastery was founded around 635 by the Irish monk Aiden Lindesfarne, who came from the island of Iona. In 793, the monastery was plundered by Vikings. In the southeastern corner of the island, we will find Lindisfarne Castle on a steep cliff. This is a 16th century castle, which was restored in the early twentieth century.
We anchor in the marsh area around Holy Island, what is surrounded by gray seals. We visit the island with the zodiac, and in the course of the evening we leave for Whitby.

Sailing tour Inverness - Amsterdam
Holy Island

Day 5: Whitby

Sailing tour Inverness - Amsterdam

 Whitby is a nice small town with a venerable history, dating back to the Middle Ages. There are still fishing boats in the harbor, which is the heart of the city. The Flying Dutchman has become a familiar sight and is always received kindly. There is so much to see and enjoy that we stay the entire day.

Day 6: North Sea

At first light we leave the port and discuss the weather, wait layout, route, sail setting, etc. We continue sailing in the evening with perhaps a fantastic sunset and maybe accompanied by moon and stars to the Dutch coast, a Sailing tour of 220 nm.

Sailing tour
Leaving the English coast

Day 7: Ijmuiden and Amsterdam

At the end of the afternoon we are likely to see the white dunes of the Dutch coast
looming. We will pass the locks of IJmuiden and at the end of this impressive Sailing tour, we moor in Amsterdam. Now it is time to raise a glass, relax and look back on our amazing trip.

Day 8: Amsterdam

Unfortunately, this wonderful Sailing tour Inverness – Amsterdam has come to an end. After a very rich breakfast, it is time to say goodbye. This gives you an opportunity to discover the culture of Amsterdam.