Ten Days Discovery of the Inner and Outer Hebrides

Discover Hebrides: The inner and outer Hebrides offer an unique scenery of wild nature. The pristine nature and exotic look of the North-West coast of Scotland is an experience by itself. By visiting the Hebrides, we are on the edge of the United Kingdom where we make ourselves ready to be mesmerized by the untouched and lively landscape. Some islands of the Hebrides can only be visited with a ship, as such we can offer a unique perspective on this fascinating area.

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Boarding Times

Guests can come on the ship:  Mallaigh, 19 July 2017
Guests need to leave the ship: Oban, 28 July 2017


The prices for the tour are divided since there are small differences in space regarding the cabins. Each cabin contains of two single beds, a shower and a toilet, this means that the differences are only in space. You can always visit the heading called “The Ship” on this website for more information on the lay-out of the ship.

Normal cabin      : €1385, – per person
Luxurious cabin : €1485, – per person
Surcharge if you want a cabin by yourself: €500 Euro.


  • All charges regarding Port fees, tourists Fees and fuel expenses.
  • Half-pension, including coffee, tea, milk and juice at all meals.
  • The use of a zodiac for landings when we visit places without a harbour.
  • The crew: captain, cook and first mate.

Not included:

  • Travel expenses regarding leaving and heading to the ship.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Fees for events that take place outside the ship.
  • The drinks outside the half-pension.


We have sailed with guests from all over the world, which has been an important factor in establishing an open minded atmosphere on board. The crew of the ship is most of the time Dutch, but speaks good English.

If you have questions concerning this travel, please call the captain and owner Klaas van Twillert: 06-53231627

Route planning:

Before we start to explain the tour we would like to say that the declared program is a guiding principle and can be influenced by winds and ties. We believe that flexibility is an important trade and we hope that you will understand that we sometimes need to deviate from the original plan. Please do not worry if we deviate from the original plan because it just means we will visit another beautiful area.

Day 1: Mallaig

Discover Hebrides: When you arrive in Mallaig, you will be friendly welcomed by the crew and have a first introduction of the ship. After this, you can meet the other passengers and slowly start to know all the different aspects of the ship. In the meantime the cook will be busy with the diner, which will be served when everybody is comfortable installed on the ship. After the diner, we will explain further about the journey we will take towards Skye and the Hebrides. To conclude your arrival, we will raise our glasses for a beautiful adventure, get to know each-other better and perhaps visit a nice pub with some live music.

Discover Hebrides

Day 2: Portree

Today we will visit one of the largest islands of Scotland: Skye. Skye is an absolute must and it offers one of the most impressive landscapes: a rough coastline with sharp hills continuing in the famous green mountains. We will moor in Portree, the biggest place of Skye with 2000 inhabitants.

Discover Hebrides

Day 3: Skye

Today we will stay in Portree to discover the island of Skye better. During the day you can visit the town or you can go biking and hiking to explore the island. At the end of the day we will sail towards a bay where we will anchor.

Dag 4 and 5: Harris and Lewis

The island Harris and Lewis is put number one by “TripAdvisor” as best island of Europe, which is an indication of the beauty that awaits there. The boundaries of the islands are established by the narrow connection between Loch Resort and Loch Seaforth. Both parts of the island express the Gaelic culture and a dialect that is typical for Harris and Lewis. The island of Lewis is the North part and is a bit more flat, has many lochs and has with the city Stornoway a busy fisherman harbour. The island of Harris is the south part and offers mountains, beautiful beaches. During these days we will offer many suggestions how you can explore this rich and far stretched area better.

Discover Hebrides

Dag 6: North Uist

On our journey Discover Hebrides, we will travel today to North Uist, an island in the Outer Hebrides . North Uist is very hard to reach, so not many tourists make the effort to visit this barely touched place. The islands are connected by simple roads, where the road signs are in Gaelic. North Uist is rich in pre-historian monuments and protected nature. The east of this island, offers mainly mountains while the west-coast offers sand beaches.

Discover Hebrides

Dag 7: Castlebay

We move on with our Discover Hebrides trip, and we will go to the island of Barry. We moor in Castlebay to visit the Kisimul Castle. This is the only medieval castle that is left in the Hebrides. As you can see it is surrounded by water, which creates a beautiful sight.

Discover Hebrides
Castle Bay

Dag 8: Tobermory

The crossing towards the isle of Mull offers a great opportunity to set the sails and feel the power of the winds of Scotland. We will moor in the picturesque city of Tobermory. Many of the buildings on Main Street, predominantly shops and restaurants, are painted in various bright colours, making it a popular location for television programmes, such as the children’s show “Balamory”.

Discover Hebrides

Dag 9: West Coast

Today we will sail to Oban, and during the travel you can enjoy once again the sight of the West-coast of Scotland. Of-course we will sail closely to Duart Castle which will give a beautiful view from the waterside.

Dag 10: Oban

The Discover Hebrides trip comes to an end. Of-course you can spend a beautiful day in Oban, a city that has much to offer and has a rich cultural life. The town of Oban is beautifully situated at the foot of the Lorn Mountains. The Lorn mountains stretches all the way to the coast making Oban quit hilly. Above the town of Oban is the McCraigs Tower, which is a nineteenth century replica of the Coliseum. One can imagine why they call Oban  the “Pearl of the West Highlands”. Last but not least, we would like to say that a visit to the Oban whiskey distillery is absolutely worth your time!

Discover Hebrides
Flying Dutchman